Presenter FAQs

  1. How do I get involved as a Presenter?
The deadline for submitting presentations has passed.


  1. Who decides which presentations are included in the conference programme?
The Board of Directors reviews all the submitted presentation summaries and selects those to be included in the programme.


  1. When will I know if my presentation has been selected?
Presenters will be informed by 18-Oct-19.
  1. Is my registration fee waived as a Presenter?
A waiver of conference registration fees will be granted for one presenter* for each accepted presentation, provided that final PowerPoint presentations are received by 10-Feb-20.
* Except Emerson presenters. Emerson presenters must pay to register.


  1. How do I register?
Customer presenter registration – You will be automatically registered once you confirm your attendance as a Presenter.


  1. Do I need to register for a Full Conference Pass?
Yes, we recommend you register for a Full Conference pass for the conference. We ask that all Presenters and Co-Presenters plan to make themselves available for presentation sessions from Wednesday morning, 18-Mar, through to the afternoon of Friday, 20-Mar-20.


  1. Can I bring my partner to the conference?
Yes, you can certainly bring your partner with you to the conference! Your partner must be registered – 100 Euro fee. To register your partner, please contact
  1. When will my session be scheduled?
Presentations will be offered one time to present. We ask that you make yourself available for presentation sessions from Wednesday morning, 18-Mar, through to the afternoon of Friday, 20-Mar-20. If you have any schedule constraints, please inform us by filling the Schedule Constraints tab in the Speaker Resource Center by 1-Nov.
To see when your session is scheduled, please check the Agenda posted  on
  1. How long should my presentation be? (minutes)
Each presentation time slot is 45 minutes. Please aim to present for 30-35 minutes to allow time for questions.
  1. When is my final presentation due?
After you submit your draft PowerPoint Presentation by 6-Dec-19, the Board of Directors will review the presentation and, if necessary, provide feedback to enhance the presentation. You can then make changes and resubmit the PowerPoint presentation for a second review.
Final presentations are due 10-Feb-20.
  1. Where do I download the 2020 PowerPoint presentation template?
You can download the 2020 Emerson Exchange PowerPoint presentation template by clicking on the “Download PowerPoint Template” task in the Speaker Resource Center Download Tab.
  1. What filename should I give to my presentation?
Please   name    your       PowerPoint        presentation      file          with       the         following             format: SessionID_Presenter Lastname_Presenter Company_Presenter Country.ppt.
  1. How do I change the name of the Presenter on my session?
To change Presenters or Co-Presenters on your session, please contact
  1. How can I make my presentation smaller?
–              Right click on any picture in the presentation (or, for Windows 2007 users, click the picture and the Picture Tools will appear on top tool bar);
–              Select the “Show Picture Toolbar” option;
–              Select the “Compress Picture” option from the toolbar (this is the icon with the arrows on the 4 corners of the small window);
–              Select “Web/Screen” resolution and hit OK.
Using these instructions can compress a 25 MB PowerPoint presentation down to less than 5MB.
  1. When will my session be listed on the Emerson Exchange website?
Session descriptions will be available under the presentations tabs in January on Emerson Exchange website at once they are scheduled.
  1. What audiovisual equipment will be in my session room?
Each meeting room will be equipment with: Projector, Screen, Microphone and PA System (depending on the room size), Laser pointer clicker. A flipchart and easel are available by special request IF request is received by 1-Feb-20.
By 1-Feb-20, please fill the AV requirements tab in the Speaker Resource Center – if any other special requests.
  1. Do I need to supply my own laptop for my session?
Presenters must supply their own laptop for presentations (these are not provided in the rooms). Please have all presentations loaded on one laptop to prevent switching midway through a session. Presenters using their own laptops must provide presentation tools (laser pointers, remote mouse, etc.) and power cords.
  1. Will there be an internet connection in the session room?
Dedicated conference WiFi network will be available throughout the whole congress centre.
  1. How do I test my presentation before my session at the conference?
A Speaker Ready Room will be available on Tuesday, 17-Mar-20, to assist with equipment testing and preparation.
Please contact to book a slot.
  1. I need to cancel my session, who do I contact?
Please contact or Nick Taylor at about any session cancellation requests.
  1. Photography and Audio/Video Recording Policy
Photography and Audio/Video recording is not permitted in any sessions or in the exhibition areas without press credentials or written permission from the Emerson Exchange Board of Directors. For questions please contact Nick Taylor at Session facilitators will communicate this policy at the beginning of each session. As a presenter, if you experience an attendee not adhering to this policy, please notify your session facilitator.
  1. Do I need to pay for my own travel & accommodation for the conference?
The Emerson Users Exchange does not provide for travel to/from the conference. Presenters and Co-Presenters are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses.


  1. Do I need to book my own hotel room?
As a Presenter or Co-Presenter, you will need to make your hotel reservation directly. You will find more information on our website.


  1. Is Lunch included in the conference fee?
Lunch is served in the conference centre. Access with conference pass. Coffee, tea & soft drinks are provided during the day in the conference centre.


  1. Is Dinner included in the conference fee?
Dinner is not included in the conference fee apart from during the Networking Event on Thursday evening. Access with conference pass.


  1. Is Breakfast included in the conference fee?
Breakfast is not served in the conference centre.


     6. VISA for Italy?
Find out whether you are required to obtain a VISA before travelling to Italy here. For more details, please contact 
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